How whiteboard animation videos can increase sales?

Online marketing has exploded thanks to the increase in mobile devices and people’s access to the internet. Companies and businesses are reaping the rewards which online sales bring them daily. One of the ways many of them are accomplishing this is by using whiteboard explainer videos. There are multiple reasons why every company, whether big or small, should have one done. The same for individuals looking to increase their visitors on their site or get their brand or product recognized. Fact is that whiteboard explainer videos are the best way to promote your services, product, brand or anything else.

The past few years, several businesses have seen their sales go through the roof after they used animated explainer videos for landing pages or on sites like YouTube and Vimeo. The benefits explainer videos are capable of delivering are too many to ignore. In fact, whiteboard, live action, screencast or any type of well made explainer video can lead to increases. Those who have used them have seen a significant rise in sales and their conversion rates.

Why Explainer Videos Are Essential

Part of the reasons whiteboard and other types of explainer videos work so well when it comes to sales and conversions, is because of the busy factor. In today’s world, people need their information fast. Since most are really busy, they want to know all about a product or service as quick as possible. This is where animated explainer videos perform so well. Unlike a written article, visual audio ads tend to catch a person’s attention faster. In addition, research has shown that individuals retain audio visual information at higher rates than reading.

Another reason why explainer videos are so awesome for your company or brand is because of the complexity factor. When you have a service platform or product that is difficult to explain, an awesome explainer video can help. Even the most complex subjects are explained easily and quickly using animation and other types of explainer videos. Some companies use humor as a way to entertain their potential clients. All the while, the person is being advertised to without even realizing it.

Marketing gurus love explainer videos because of the impact they have on a website’s ranking. Search engines take into consideration how long people spend on your site. Whiteboard explainer videos tend to increase the visit time on a website by two minutes. Custom animated explainer videos can vastly improve a company’s online visibility. As more people view your audio visual ad, your brand becomes better recognized.

Studies have shown that people tend to remember more about a brand after watching an explainer video. Chances are that if the person found the information they obtained from the explainer video useful, they will tell others. They will also share the video and speak about it to their friends and family. The end result is your brand gaining more attention, recognition and popularity. In the same way TV commercials impact how people view things, the audio visual ads have similar effects. A great commercial can lead to people loving your brand. It is why you see so many funny explainer videos do so well. Consumers want to be entertained as they are absorbing information. By using funny and entertaining animated characters for explainer videos, a company can achieve this easily.

Combined together with awesome voices for white board explainer videos, the end results are astronomical. Statistics prove that conversion and sales increase dramatically after you use a great whiteboard explainer video. Some companies have experienced sales increases up to 200% in some cases. Typically, a good explainer video can increase your sales and conversions about 20% to 35%.

The whiteboard animated characters you use on your explainer video largely depend on your product, brand or services you are trying to promote.  These characters have to line up with whatever your targeted audience will be. You need to take into consideration their gender, age, financial status and job. But most importantly, the problems they have. After all, the reason people look for top rated explainer videos is because they are searching for answers. They have questions and problems for which they want a fix.

Using great characters will also allow you to connect to your audience unlike anything else. A person viewing your whiteboard explainer video may feel as if he or she knows you and you know them. Moreover, they will feel as if the audio visual ad was created specifically for them and their needs. Keep in mind that this all depends on your video and how well it is made. You can either make your own video or have someone create it for you. There are countless of companies dedicated to video production services.

SquareShip is one of those top rated marketing companies specializing on video production. Another option is to hire someone such as freelancer. For those with limited budgets and who posses creativity, they can create their own. There are a ton of great whiteboard explainer video creation programs available. Some are free to use and others cost anywhere between $50 to a few hundred dollars. In the end, it all depends on your company and brand and how far you are willing to take it. Using a great whiteboard explainer video may be the best way to take your brand to the next level. Visit for more info and see the best explainer videos.